Funeral Announcements

The Funeral Mass for Sheila Ghattas will be held on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at 11am at St. James Church.

The Funeral Mass for Teresa Monica Garcia will be held on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 11am at Holy Redeemer Church.



Please pray for the repose of the the souls of our recently departed:

Sylvia Boyer, Laura Vitale, Mike Barnes, Judith Valcho, Josephine Mascaro, Albert Sanchez, Albert Serrantino, Irene Hughes, Vic Kalaba, Kathleen Steele, Kurt Weissmuller, Douglas Bergstom, Melva Reyes, Dominado Rosacia, George Masucci, Maria Hattick, Greg Martin, Larry Weisner, Brian Brady, Theresa Pennie, Rhoda Moore, Camelle Read, Harvey Fernandez, Hugo Cadena, Crecy Menezes, Alberto Lopez, Luz Mondonedo, Ken Velasquez, Robert Sharkey, Sheila Redding, Harry Marshallian, Mary Bogust, Donna Spaziano-Shields, Manuel Villar, Jr., David Artiz, Pamela Carroll, Barbara Prather, Teresa Monica Garcia and Sheila Ghattas.



The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult things we face in life.  When that loss occurs, or even before, you are encouraged to contact the parish for assistance in planning the Mass or service and burial.  Usually, the parish handles the religious details and the funeral home the preparation and burial.

Our Bereavement Ministry is here to help.  We will assist you in scheduling a funeral and planning the services. After you call the parish to inform us of your loss, you will be directed to one of our Bereavement Ministers who will schedule a meeting with you. The Bereavement Minister will either accompany you through the entire process or you may choose how much of the planning you would like us to handle.  Once you have met with the Bereavement Ministry, you may want to refer to the resources below.  This information will help you make appropriate choices. 

Funeral Preparation Documents:

Outline of the Funeral Mass

First Reading Selections

Responsorial Psalms Selections

Second Reading Selections

Sample Prayers of the Faithful

Participation and Selections Form