Youth Faith Formation

Registration for the 2024-25 Elementary Religious Education Program (Preschool - 5th grade) will begin in May 2024

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BUILDING FAMILIES OF FAITH: Elementary Catechesis for Families 

Our parish has gone beyond the limited approach of traditional weekly catechism by forming our hybrid Religious Education Program.  Acknowledging the present day realities in which our parents and young people exist, we have designed a program to assist them in being people of faith in all of life’s situations and circumstances; their family, their school and community, their parish.

We address faith formation in this way: Whole Family Catechesis combined with both Class Catechesis and Home Catechesis in a hybrid program of in-person and Zoom sessions.

This approach enables formation in various learning styles and incorporates the most important element of catechesis; parents passing on their Catholic faith to their children.  Sharing the catechetical lessons with other families and supporting one another along our journey of faith and parenting, is a departure from the “Sunday School” approach of years past.  Our parents are engaging in conversation about faith with their children, not letting others do it for them.  This builds a connectedness amongst the family members that will help in all areas of family life.

Lastly, to support our parents in their role, we offer Adult Faith Formation through our Men’s and Women’s Groups that meet virtually discussing scripture reflection, prayer and fellowship. Email Trish for more information on the adult programs:



Whole Family Catechesis: First Sunday of the month all of the family comes together at 8:30am in Healy Hall at Holy Redeemer and attend 10am Mass. 

Class Catechesis Zoom: The second Sunday of the month the children are given age specific formation from their catechist.  The catechist for each grade will lead a lesson on Zoom the time will be from 10-10:40am.  Families are encouraged to attend 8:30am Mass at St. James for Children's Liturgy of the Word.

Class Catechesis In Person: The third Sunday of the month the children are given age specific formation from their catechist in a classroom setting at the Evangelization Center at Holy Redeemer from 8:45am-9:50am and the families then attend 10am Mass. 

Home Catechesis: The fourth Sunday of the month, the family works together at home on a lesson that incorporates the Gospel messages for the upcoming month. This lesson will be sent by email and should take 30 minutes. Children's Liturgy of the Word will take place on the 4th Sunday of the month during 8:30am Mass at St. James. 

additional information: 

  • If there is a 5th Sunday in a month that is an off week

For more information, email our Faith Formation director at:


Please click here for the HRSJ Youth Ministry website with full details on our Confirmation program Sealed, our middle school youth ministry and our high school youth ministry.

CHILDREN'S LITURGY OF THE WORD - On break!  Will resume in Fall 2024.